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Hi, I'm Dan. I'm 13 and I'm from Ontario, Canada. This page is mostly music, but it has some other stuff too. Sign My Guestbook so I know who's been here. Visit this page often because....
This page Is Constantly Under Construction.

Anonymous E-mailer! scare the crap out of your friends...and your enemies:)

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My Warcraft II Cheats
The Bacteria Burgers
Willy Homepage
My Guitar Page
Mages Of Dominia Magic: The Gathering League-Play Over Your Computer!!
The World's Most Annoying Page!! Do you hate blink, over-animation, etc.? Then this page is for YOU!!


Humans vs Orcs-What if The noble humans had found out about the evil orcs plot? Find out with this warcraft 2 scenario that I created.


Doh's Homepage has cheat codes for the most popular games!

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